Behaviour (Using Manaaki Orewa)
This year I hope that I behave well in class and listen to the teacher when they are talking. A goal that I have is not to talk while the teacher is talking as occasionally I can get a bit distracted when that is happening. I want to continue to show polite manors to the teacher and other classmates and respect everyone else.

Your academic achievement (including grades)
I always set my academic goals high, always striving to get excellence. In economics, I hope that I can receive primarily excellences and merits throughout the year

Your preparation (homework)
A majority of time my homework is always completed on time and my goal is to hand my homework in as soon as I can. Like any student, there will probably be times when unfortunately I will have to hand something in late but I am not to worried so long as that does not need to happen very often

Your co-curricular activities in school
My co curricular activities in school are performance group, the odd school show as well as tap classes taken at lunch for Anything Goes. I am very much a theatre kid and love doing shows with Centrestage Theatre as well as their youth programme, CYT. I have also more recently done lighting for Ladies Night and will also be helping with sound in Chess. Sport isn’t my favourite thing and therefore my co curricular activities are quite limited by I enjoy partaking in what I do and that’s what is important to me