My static image portrays the idea of someone who is struggling in the situation he has been put in and his life would be easier without the things restricting him and holding him back. Because of Lennie, George’s life is difficult and he is constantly struggling to keep up with the problems that he causes.

I have shown this by the use of visual elements and colours used. The man in the picture walking uphill symbolises George’s struggle and hard work that he puts in to try earn a living for himself but because of the ball and chain, which is a symbol for Lennie, he is being held back from reaching his full potential and he has to work even harder to make a living. The orange clothing that the man is wearing symbolises the constant endurance and strength that George puts into his work and having to worry about Lennie. By making the sky a darker blue and making the grass more brown to look as if it is dead portrays that Georges opinion on the effects Lennie has on his life is negativity. The missing puzzle piece symbolise the fact that although George believes his life would be easier without Lennie, without him there would always be a part of him missing as Lennie is Georges only true friend. I chose to make the colour of the text brown as it is a natural, earthy and honest colour which goes with the quote as the quote is a very honest statement.

My image is unified because I have tried to keep the static image simple without over complicating it. The man is big and in the middle making him the focal point with everything happening around him which links to the story as George is trying to live a normal life but he has many things happening around him which prevents him from doing so. The jigsaw puzzle helps to spilt the image up and to fill the space where it would otherwise look empty. Off to the side of the image, I have placed the missing puzzle piece so to make use of the space provided as well as not cluttering everything together.  

The quote  that I have chosen is from George where he tells Lennie “my life would be so much easier without you.” This is relevant because it works with my concept of someone struggling with the situation that they have been placed in. It also helps portray that sometimes we find ourselves constantly making decisions for other people and putting our own needs and wants behind making our own lives harder than what they would be if we only worried about ourselves