The hardest part about the process of creative writing was coming up with an idea but once I had the idea, writing the story became quite easy. I think that I came up with a good idea for creative writing but some parts towards the end felt rushed and some bits were not explained very well. I’m not sure how predictable the ending was or if I had hinted too much about what was going to happen. I feel that I used good English techniques and described the events and the environment quite well and hopefully gave the readers clear understanding on what their house looked like. Next time I would rewrite the ending and explain more about why Laura decided to try kill her dad because for me, that plot point felt too rushed and was left unexplained. As much as I would hope to achieve an excellence, I feel that my finished story is only at a Merit level as the ending to my story was not as strong as it could be and it felt a bit too rushed in the middle but I feel that I have used enough different writing techniques to be worth Merit.