1. Does my character actually reflect a stock melodramatic character? How?

My character reflects a stock melodrama hero as I have big, over the top movement and gestures. I use stereotypical hero poses such as hands on my hips and crossing my arms. as the hero, I also defeat the villain and save the damsel and her husband. My voice is loud with over the top expressions to emphasise the melodramatic acting style.

2. Does our play follow the correct theme of a melodrama? Explain.

our play follows the correct theme of a melodrama as it starts with Jenny, the damsel, and her husband in bad situation where they owe sir vile pits, the villain, money but they cannot pay him. Sir vile pits then comes in and threatens Jenny to pay him but Sidney, her long lost brother and the hero, comes in and pays sir vile pits the money and takes Jenny and her husband out of their rundown house to live a rich live happily ever after.

3. What could you personally do better in portraying your character?

Personally, I could improve on being more fluent with the way that I speak instead of always pausing to look at my script but once I have learnt my lines this shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Also, when Sir Vile Pits insults me I get angry right away instead of first being offended and building up to anger so that there is a climax between the two characters arguments. Some of the poses I do are because I feel like I need to do something which then reflects on my performance and makes it feel awkward so I need to try make my actions feel more natural instead of me just doing them.

4. What areas could your group improve on?
Our group could improve on not always going off task as occasionally we would start to muck around and stop taking it seriously which can be good sometimes so we are having fun but some lessons it feels like we get no work done. However, as a group we are progressing really well and we already have most of our skit planned with Que cards for audience interaction and music to make some scenes more sad, some scenes more menacing and some more heroic.

5. How might you add other melodrama features into your play to show your understanding?
To show our understanding of melodramas, we need to add more of the poses and stances of stereotypical melodrama characters. We have que cards for audience interaction and music so know we also need to organise simple costumes and props to make the performance come to life.