Today, Damon and I began to discuss our music video ideas but did not come up with any final ideas as Cat was not here so we did not want to make any decisions without her or without hearing her own idea for a music video. 


Once again, Cat was not at school so Damon and I progressed without her and decided to do my concept using the song Classic by MKTO. We began to work on our Final Concept work and decided how we are going to cut the song to make it between 2:00-2:30 minutes long. When Cat comes back we have planned to fill her on what we have done and let her know where we are now headed.


Today Damon and I continued on our final concept and discussed setting and costumes. We have decided against doing the 1950’s time period and instead are replacing it with medieval times set in a forest. Damon began work on the SWOT analysis and I did more work on the final concept. We still need to work out where we want to set the modern day time period in a place that the two lead actors are together which we will do next time. We also disucssed our video with Mrs Brown who seemed happy with our concept and helped us in what to write on our SWOT analysis


After finalising our lead cast, Jessica Rogers and Caleb Hogan, I continued to work on our final concept and Damon worked on editing the song to take out the last verse so it is under 2:30 minutes and took out the drums at the beginning of the song.


Cat was here yesterday so we spent 20 minutes trying to let her know what we were doing, what the concept is and everything we have done so far. We have also shown her what we still need to do and she began working and finished the Codes and Conventions, I began work on the story board and Damon continued on the SWOT analysis. 


Today we decided that the modern day setting was going to take place in a cafe in Orewa. We came up with ideas for back up actors in case either our leads pull out. 


Today we had to recast our male actor as he was too busy to film with other commitments. Caleb Jamieson is now taking on this role. We are still currently unsure wether our female can film so we have another actress on standby and will be finalised tonight which one will be in the music video. The dance studio we were hoping to film in is unavailable so we are now filming in the Orewa College dance room. We are unsure on if we can use the costumes from Centrestage so we have a back up plan on using the costumes from the school costume department. We have finalised filming dates which are as the following:

Friday 24th July – Dance Room 3:15-5:15

Sunday 25th July- Orewa Cafe/Streets 12:00-3:30

Monday 3rd August – Centrestage 3:15-5:30

Sunday 9th August – Forest 11:00-2:00


Today we began filming in the school dance room for our 1980’s setup. We filmed approximately half of what we needed to film when the camera died so we could not do any more filming. I am going to talk to Mrs Hilliar about rebooking the dance room but due to everyone’s commitments with the school show, Anything Goes, we will likely have to wait until the week after it closes to be able to film. Because of this, we have taken pictures of the actors (primarily Geena’s) hair and makeup so that when we film again we can match the continuity as much as possible. 


This morning we met at McDonalds Orewa which was just around the corner we were planning to film at but unfortunately The Coffee Club was very full so we made the decision to change the beginning of the video and instead Caleb was sitting outside on a park bench which resulted in the start making a lot more sense that what it was going to and took a complicated idea and simplified it for the better. I brought a car battery thing that we plugged into the camera which charged it while we were filming to ensure that it won’t die. We filmed everything we needed and will start to edit next period


At Anything Goes rehearsal, I got costumes from Centrestages costume department for the medieval time period which included a red velvet dress and a white frilly shirt with grey/brown striped pants and be will also have a belt, frog and sword to go with it.


We began setting up our footage on the computer and sorting through our footage. Once we got everything sorted out, we begun editing towards the end of the period and have the first 15 seconds done and have roughly got the next few shots lined up


Today our computer was being used so we could not continue to edit. We caught up on work that needed to be done, Damon edited the song so we have a shorter intro and cut out one of the verses. We discussed about where we can find rope for the medieval time period and I will ask my mum tonight about if she has some at her work.