– Agnostic but goes to church and practices Christianity with Christian family

-Family grew up in Wyoming

-has a daughter (16)


-friendly with everyone

-appreciates the finer things “mountains, blue”

-doesn’t like the medias negative portrayal of all their stories

-age 43

-knows all the locals

-worked as a sergeant for 13 years

-Friday night has quiz nights with work colleagues down at local bar  

To play this role I will lower my voice to make him appear older and when talking to the reporters. This will also help show his maturity and by moving with authority will show the contrast between his job and the lower class of some of the other Laramie residents such as the ranchers. When talking to the news reporters, I will frown and talk with a negative tone to show his frustration with the way the media is portraying the incident. 

Matt Mickleson:

-family man

-proud of heritage (knowing about great grandfather moving to Wyoming in 1862 and Louisa Grandma Swain casting first women’s ballot)

-owns the Fireside Bar

-ambitious about recreating ‘Old Blue Front Opera House’ and possibly franchising it (such as owning gift shop)

-lives with girlfriend of 3 and half years

-26 years old



Mickleson has a lot of energy and large hand gestures to show his enthusiasm and youthful spirit. I will also speak with a bright tone to show his positive outlook on life. When on the phone with Gallaway after hearing about what happened with Matthew, I will speak quickly to show his desperation and shock of hearing the bad news.